May 6, 2013 - 4:00pm

Sarah Barber will speak on a unique map on Surinam at the John Carter Brown Library. Her talk will be titled, "Dictatorship, Liberty, and Fish-sticks. Suriname: 1667 and 2011." Barber will speak on one of the JCB’s maps—an expressive map of the seventeenth-century English colony of  Surinam—and the impact of a brief  English past experiment on a  turbulent Surinamese present.

Sarah Barber is a Senior Lecturer at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. Originally an historian of British civil war republicanism, where she first encountered the Suriname connection, she has since been recovering and analysing the surviving seventeenth-century sources for the anglophone torrid zone, and the monograph, Disputatious Societies: the Caribbean World in the Age of the Stuarts is about to go to press.

The seminar will be given in the Alice Adams Conference Room. Limited seating.