JCB Fellow's Talk: Sergio Escribano-Ruiz

April 12, 2017 - 4:00pm

Sergio Escribano-Ruiz (University of the Basque Country - UPV/EHU), Alexander O. Vietor Fellow

A Brief Glimpse of Basque Whaling in the North Atlantic, from Genesis to Decay

The first undeniable evidence of Basque whaling in the North Atlantic dates back to the first decades of the sixteenth century. Almost up to the end of this century, Basques developed fruitful whaling fisheries that allowed them to keep the monopoly of whale oil sale in the international markets. However, with the turn of the century, the business was opened to more countries and Basques were progressively surpassed by the British and the Dutch in the whaling industry. From then until the end of the eighteenth century, the role of Basque sailors in whaling mainly passed to the secondary level, which entailed being enlisted for those foreign expeditions. This talk will summarize this historical process using iconographic sources (maps and images) housed at the John Carter Brown Library.


The Reading Room will close to researchers at 3:30 p.m.