JCB Fellow's Talk: Lauren MacDonald

April 11, 2018 - 4:00pm

Lauren MacDonald (Johns Hopkins University), Center for New World Comparative Studies Fellow

"The Atlantic Reformations of Girolamo Benzoni, 1541-1579"

In 1565, Girolamo Benzoni published A History of the New World, based on his travels through Spanish America.  Although it went unmentioned in his own account, Benzoni may have had a pressing reason for leaving America: the year of his departure, he was investigated for "Lutheran heresy" in Mexico City.  While Benzoni's account is often analyzed as part of the later de Bry editions, its initial Venice printings in conjunction with the text's first translations in Geneva reveal a plurality of sixteenth-century Reformations, which included Catholics, Calvinists, Europe, and the Americas. The course of Benzoni's life and the earliest circulation of his book were shaped by ongoing debates about religious dissent and reconciliation across the Atlantic World. 

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