JCB Fellow's Talk: Agnes Gehbald

May 30, 2018 - 4:00pm

Agnes Gehbald (University of Koln), William Reese Company Fellow

"en una buena impresión: Popular Print Culture in Lima"

In late colonial Peru (1760-1820), when transatlantic importation still thrived but local print production had long begun to multiply, books circulated widely in society. The landscape of print culture is much broader and more complex than reflected in the history of books, which focuses almost exclusively on the grand libraries but neglects the many smaller books of the local press that were daily used. To reconsider the question of how far books could circulate in the colonial society, an examination of, first, the printing shops and, second, the many local books, promises more insight. Beside legal restrictions, it was above all material constraints that impaired the local print production due to the import of press and paper, and the reuse of types. Popular genres, such as calendario, catecismo, novena and cartilla are, however, outstanding examples in this respect of the John Carter Brown Library’s holdings. This talk sheds light on the history of some of these popular books to conceptualize the Limeño print culture at the end of colonial times.

The Reading Room will close to researchers at 3:30pm.