JCB Fellow's Talk: Rachel Herrmann

August 1, 2018 - 4:00pm

Rachel Herrmann (Cardiff University), Marie L. and William R. Hartland Fellow 

“Between Rivers and Oceans: Food, Boundaries, Power, and Second Book Projects”

This project began its life as a study of hunger in maritime contexts and proceeded from the conviction that because discourses of hunger varied across time and space, scholars needed to pin down the specifics of these discourses to better understand power relationships. It evolved into asking how and when maritime, lacustrine, and riverine hunger differed from what scholars know about eighteenth-century terrestrial hunger and how those notions of hunger informed Native and enslaved peoples’ relationships with non-Natives. As a result of a new grant to study the formation of and contestation over boundaries in the early modern Atlantic, this project is now in flux, and it cannot decide whether it wants to be a project about hunger, a project about borders, or some conglomeration of these two options. It is Herrmann’s hope that this Wednesday will offer the time to think out loud about these three possibilities, the chance to discuss the intellectual stakes of each route, and the opportunity of hearing attendees’ suggestions about reading material and sources for bounding this sprawling second book project.


The Reading Room will close at 3:30 pm.