Presentations by JCB Fellows Eleanor Coulter and Asiel Sepúlveda

September 19, 2018 - 4:00pm

Eleanor Coulter (McGill University), Jeannette D. Black Memorial Fellow

"D'Anville Maps in Labat's Voyage du Chevalier des Marchais (1730)"

This talk will explore the relationship between map and text in Voyage du Chevalier des Marchaiswhich presents the reader with a distorted, fragmented view of the West African coast. We will examine how d'Anville's maps of West Africa function as both geographies and narratives to suggest a history - and a potential - very different from that of Labat's text.

Asiel Sepúlveda (Southern Methodist University), Jeannette D. Black Memorial Fellow

"Havana in the Visual Consciousness of the Atlantic World"

In this presentation, Asiel Sepúlveda will discuss how early modern European authors and printmakers imagined the city of Havana from across the Atlantic. Paying close attention to the reproduction and use of printed images, Sepúlveda shows how early modern visual discourses continued to affect the representation of Havana centuries later.

The reading room will close to researchers at 3:30pm.