Before there were lines along the Rio Grande

November 2, 2018 - 12:00pm

Before There Were Lines along the Rio Grande

MacMillan Reading Room, 12-1pm

As we hear heart-wrenching stories of migrants risking their lives and families being separated along the US-Mexico border, a historical perspective enables us to understand how these liminal spaces were imagined in an era before electronic surveillance and satellite imagery. Drawing on the rich collection of rare books and maps at the John Carter Brown Library, curators and librarians will provide a critical context for how northern Mexico and what would become the southern United States was experienced during a colonial era that predated the modern nation-state. Please join Bertie Mandelblatt (Curator of Maps and Prints) and Kim Nusco (Assistant Librarian for Research and Reference Services) to discuss shifting representations of the US-Mexico borderlands. A selection of materials selected by former JCB Fellow Cynthia Radding (professor of colonial Latin American history at UNC-Chapel Hill) will help contextualize the JCB's collections for a broader conversation on the borderland regions of northern Mexico and the southwestern US. 

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