Electronic Publications


David Geggus, The Changing Faces of Toussaint Louverture: Literary and Pictorial Depictions, April 2013

In this significant contribution to the historiography of Toussaint Louverture,  David Geggus delineates what we do and don’t know about the physical appearance of the iconic figure of the Haitian Revolution, through the investigation of both written and visual sources.

Cartographic Conversation, edited by Jordana Dym, March 2012

A collection of essays contributed by JCB Fellows in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Library's Fellowship Program.

Much of the cartographic scholarship by JCB fellows has focused on English, Spanish, French and Portuguese empires in the Americas, but an intrepid few have also considered everything from the mapping of Africa to German, Dutch, and Italian cartographies to the meaning of ships on maps. Fellows Jack Crowley, Lina del Castillo, Jordana Dym, Matthew Edney, Carla Lois, Joyce Lorimer, W. George Lovell, Paul Mapp, Karl Offen, Heidi Scott, Richard Unger, and Chet Van Duzer offer initial contributions to the “Cartographic Conversation” that took place at the conference celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the JCB’s Fellowship Program June 2012.

In JCB Books Speak, we publish news on new acquisitions, new discoveries made at the library, and range of timely reporting on all manner of activities, objects, and personalities in the JCB, with regular contributions covering recent acquisitions, curatorial discoveries, research and publishing achievements, our Fellows and their projects, special events, digital initiatives, and the resolution of technical challenges peculiar to the world of rare book libraries.

Researchers write on particularly interesting items they have discovered at the John Carter Brown Library in I Found It at the JCB.