Map Facsimiles for Sale

The John Carter Brown Library offers a number of early map facsimiles for sale and have been reproduced in accordance with the highest standards of printing. They have been printed at 200-line screen or better on durable, acid-free stock. Maps have been carfully calibrated to match the original colors. All of the maps are actual size until otherwise indicated. Measurements are for the printed surface, height x width. Margins are generous and allow considerable flexibility for framing. See facsimile maps available. These facsimiles may be purchased online.

The library holds one of the major collections in the world of early maps relating to the discovery, exploration, and settlement of North and South America, including the Caribbean and the west coast of Africa. Most date from before 1800. For sixty years, the Library has been publishing fine facsimiles of these cartographic masterpieces. Historically significant and visually striking, these maps are valuable for the student of history and have broad appeal to collectors of decorative cartography, as well.