Guide to Fiering House


What we now refer to as Fiering House (named for former JCB Director, Norman Fiering) was built in 1869, and was originally known as the Frederick Fuller House, and later as Eldridge Hall. Fuller owned the Fuller Iron Works with his brother George, who built the neighboring house down the street at 71-73 Charlesfield Street. Prior to renovation by the JCB Library, Brown University used the house as a co-op for students. Fiering House underwent a complete transformation in 2007. Pre-renovation photos show a nearly unrecognizable interior!

House Rules

  • All Fiering House rooms are for single occupancy only.
  • No smoking anywhere in the building.
  • Please consume and store food in the common areas on the first floor.
  • Each resident is responsible for immediate clean-up in the kitchen.  This means all food-stuffs are put away and dishes are washed.
  • No pets.
  • No children.
  • Visitors are permitted in scholar rooms within reason, but we expect that there will be no long term guests. Visitors expecting guests for more than two nights should inform Val Andrews know.
  • You must be respectful and courteous of other occupants at all times. Quiet after 11.
  • Check-in after 3:00 p.m.; check out prior to 11:00 a.m.

JCB Staff Contacts

For JCB Reading Room, 863-3923
For Fellowship-related issues or house maintenance: [email protected]

Important Phone Numbers

DPS Emergency #: (401) 863-4111 When on campus, response will be quicker with the DPS emergency # than with 911
DPS Non-Emergency #: (401) 863-3322
CIS Help Desk :( 401) 863-4357Computing and Information Services (CIS) for all computing questions
Facilities Management Service Response:
(401) 863-7800. Please feel free to use this number to report maintenance issues requiring immediate assistance during the weekend or after 5:00 p.m. This might include a broken heater/AC unit, locking yourself, or a low battery signal.


East Side Market Place, 165 Pitman St.  (.8 miles)
Whole Foods,
Waterman St., 261 Waterman St. (1 mile)
Whole Foods University Heights
, N. Main St (1.2 miles)
Super Stop and Shop
, Branch Ave, 333 W. River St. (2 miles)
East Side Mini Mart
, 252 Brook St., (207 Feet) 

Walk-in Clinics

East Side Urgent Care, 1195 North Main St. Providence, RI (2.3 miles) 401-861-3782
East Providence Medical Center
, 525 Taunton Ave., East Providence, RI (2.7 miles) 401-438-3170

Emergency Rooms/Hospitals

Miriam Hospital, 164 Summit Ave., Providence, 793-2500 (2.2 miles)
Rhode Island Hospital, 593 Eddy St., Providence, 444-4000 (1.5 miles)
Women and Infants Hospital, 101 Dudley St., Providence, 274-1100 (2.4 miles)

Custodial Service

Custodial service at both the library and Fiering House is provided by Brown Facilities’ Rosa Paiva.  Rosa maintains the common spaces at Fiering House and executes room turnovers. Her hours at Fiering House are early mornings, Monday through Friday, until 8:30 a.m. She also has additional hours at Fiering House on Wednesdays afternoons. If you are sharing a bathroom on either the second floor or third floor with another resident, Rosa provides cleaning services once a week on Wednesday afternoons.  Weekly cleaning is only provided for the duration of time that the bathroom is shared.

Otherwise, Rosa does not provide cleaning for the private bedrooms or baths. Trash from the bedrooms can be deposited in the large bins in the kitchen.  Rosa empties these regularly.  All bathrooms are equipped with cleaning supplies. If you need additional supplies, please let Nichole at the JCB know.

Please store your personal belongings in your room. This includes shoes. Please do not leave shoes in the hallway.


Fiering House residents are responsible for their own food related clean-up in the kitchen. This includes washing dishes and putting them away.  Please do not leave dishes or food clean-up for Rosa. Dishes do not fall under her purview.

Please be mindful that the kitchen is a shared space. Out of consideration for other residents, we ask that you wash, dry, and wipe down any surfaces immediately after cooking. Please do not leave clean-up for the following day. 

All appliance items are under warranty repair, so please don’t hesitate to let Nichole know when maintenance is required. 

Dry goods storage space in the Fiering House kitchen can become limited when the house is full. Please be mindful of this issue. There are plastic storage bins in the custodial closet on the first floor that residents are welcome to use for organization in the cupboards.

For security, please do not prop open the kitchen door that leads to the side porch.  


Rooms at Fiering house are designed for single occupancy. Visitors are permitted in scholar rooms within reason, but we expect that there will be no long term guests. Residents expecting guests for more than two nights should inform Val Andrews.

Lost Keys

The fee for a lost key is $25.00.

Linens & Laundry

Each room is equipped with linens, blankets, and towels.  Residents are responsible for laundering their own linens during their stay.

There are two washers and two dryers in the basement. These machines are free although Fellows must provide their own detergent.

Telephone Service

All resident rooms at Fiering House have a telephone as does the kitchen. For on campus calls, dial the 5 digit number.  For an off campus local call, dial “8” then the 7 digit number.  For all other calls, please use a cell phone.

Kitchen/Laundry: 401-867-3763
Room 107: 401-867-3761
Room 201A: 401-867-3761
Room 201B: 401-867-3765
Room 202: 401-867-3760
Room 203: 401-867-3766
Room 204: 401-867-3758
Room 301A: 401-867-3759
Room 301B: 401-867-3756
Room 302: 401-867-3756
Room 303: 401-867-3764
Room 304: 401-867-3767

Room Price List

Room 107:  
$550 Handicapped Accessible Room
Room 201A 
Shared Bath
Room 201B: $775
Shared Bath
Room 202: 
Room 203: $875
Room 204: $875
Room 301A: $775
Shared Bath
Room 301B:
Shared Bath
Room 302: $875
Room 303: $875
Room 304: $875

Requests for floor preference might be taken into consideration if circumstances and time allow, but guarantees cannot be made.

The bedrooms that comprise the second and third floor suites are offered at a lesser rate independent of the whether or not the second bedroom is occupied.  This means you might share a bathroom or you might not.  It will depend upon occupancy and demand for housing. 

All rooms with private bathrooms are $875 and all rooms with shared baths are $775.

Should residents need additional nights at Fiering house outside of their contracted months of occupancy (either preceding the start date of their fellowship or directly after); rooms can be rented for $35 per day. Rooms may only be rented daily if you first check with Leah. She can check availability and grant permission. 


There is no mail delivery at 79 Charlesfield.  

For USPS please use:

Your Name
JCB Library
Brown University
Box 1894
Providence, RI 02912

For packages coming via carrier (UPS/FedEx/DHL), please use:

Your Name
JCB Library at Brown University
Campus Box 1894
94 George St.
Providence, RI 02906


Parking on campus and in the City of Providence is strictly limited and thus bringing a car is strongly discouraged. Overnight street parking is prohibited in Providence. If you do choose to bring a vehicle, parking arrangements must be made through the Brown Transportation Office at 3-3157.

Guests are encouraged to use the Brown University Parking Lot at Brook and Waterman.

Taxi Listing

Corporate Taxi 401-231-2228
East Side Taxi  
Bay Taxi 401-461-0780
Walsh Cab 401-943-3636
Central Taxi 
Economy Cab
Gonzalez Taxi
Checker Cab 
Yellow Cab 

Departure Check-list

Please discard your food items in the kitchen trash

Key: Please leave your key in your desk drawer

Brown ID Card: Please leave your ID in your desk drawer

Leave Bed and Bath Linens in your room; no need to launder! (All linens go to a laundry service.)

Lower the heat/ac in your room and leave the fan on the lowest setting

Close all bedroom windows

No need to empty wastebaskets, but please discard any food in the kitchen trash

Check for personal belongings

Deactivate voicemail on your room telephone if applicable

Leave the JCB Ethernet cable in the room

Unplug the alarm clock if applicable

Turn off lights in your room

Inform Val about any necessary repairs

Please sign the red Fiering House guestbook in the front hall on the ground floor