After Your Fellowship

Once you have been at the JCB, you are always a member of the family and we hope to see you again. We certainly hope to hear from you, particularly with news of published works done using research at the Library. Please send those works to Adelina Axelrod, so that she may assemble the listings and we may post them to the web.

Keep up with what is happening at the JCB by checking the JCB home page. We endeavor to keep the web site up to date and are constantly adding new features. You can order JCB publications, posters, and facsimile maps from the site. You can use the JCB LUNA Imaging site for classroom use and image research. We welcome articles for the online I Found It at the JCB—a monthly diary of interesting items scholars have found while researching at the Library. The FaceBook page for the JCB Fellows is for the Fellows, present, past, and future; it is there for you to keep up with your peers and to post photographs and events. We keep a Twitter page constantly updated with news.

Another way you can contribute and keep up with the Library is by joining the Associates of the Library. For Fellows, there is a special first-year rate of $35; you can receive publications and news and know you are helping the JCB. The Associates invite you to join with them in supporting the growth of the Library’s collections. For nearly a century and a half this internationally known institution has been actively bringing together a record of the colonial experience in the New World that underlies our trans-Atlantic culture. Primarily a collection of materials printed before 1830, the Library endeavors to assemble books, maps, prints, and selected manuscripts concerning the three hundred years during which the Americas were discovered, explored, and settled. Contributions from Associates have helped make it possible for the Library to continue in its pre-eminent role as a center for research on the New World. Associates are informed of all Library publications, including exhibition catalogues, facsimile editions, and monographs of bibliographic or historic concern, nearly all of which are made available to members at a discount. Maureen O’Donnell, Manager of Administration and External Relations, is the person to see about becoming an Associate.

And last, good luck with your research!