Fellow Services

Please observe the regulations regarding photocopying.  ONLY STAFF MAY USE THE PHOTOCOPIERS. 

Only staff may photocopy items in the JCB collection. We are happy to do this for you. Copying costs are $.25/page. Only reference materials not elsewhere available on campus (for example, at the Rockefeller Library) may be photocopied (by staff only). The Library does not photocopy rare materials.  It is possible, however, to order microfilm or digital scans, depending on the condition of the material. See the Reference Librarian for details.  For substantial personal copying, there are several nearby services.  The campus copy center is in the basement of the Metcalf Lab Building on Thayer Street, opposite the Sciences Library. Commercial establishments for copying are located further north on Thayer Street.  The Rockefeller and Sciences libraries have copiers in which your Brown ID card can serve as a copy card.

The Library has a full-time image department which uses a highly sophisticated digital scanner. One of the perquisites of being a Fellow at the JCB, or an Invited Research Scholar, is that we will provide you with digital images at 20% off our regular pricing for such work, provided the order is placed while you are in residence. After your fellowship or grant is terminated, the price will not be discounted. (The library will provide up to five images free of charge at 72 dpi should they be needed for powerpoint presentations given at the library). Further information concerning JCB policies with regard to reproduction of images, including the schedule of regular pricing, is on Imaging Serivices and Permissions. If you use any JCB image in a publication, please ask for permission to publish from the Imaging Department.


We no longer offer a microfilm service, but if the item has already been filmed, a positive duplication can be ordered if requested. This costs $85.00, plus a handling fee of $7.50.
The library also offers digital reproductions of titles in our collection. We charge $150 to digitize a book, plus a handling fee of $7.50.
For more information, see Imaging Services and Permissions.

Your mail and phone messages are held for you in your assigned box in the mailroom on the ground floor. Please check your mailbox regularly. Mail is not delivered to Fiering House. You may receive shipments by courier service at the JCB. 

US Postal Service mailing address:

John Carter Brown Library
Brown University
Box 1894
Providence, Rhode Island 02912

Express mail package delivery (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.):

John Carter Brown Library
Brown University
94 George Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02906

Outgoing mail is taken, and incoming mail is picked up, once a day in the early afternoon.  The Library can receive fax messages sent to you at 401-863-3477.  The fax machine is on 24 hrs / 7 days.  To send a fax, please inquire in the Administration Office. 

With 30 or 40 Fellows in residence every year making use of the Library’s mail system, we need to keep our postage costs under control. Our policy is to offer Fellows the same courtesies in this regard that they would normally receive at their home institutions. The Library will absorb postage costs, domestic and foreign, for letters and packages related directly to your professional responsibilities, with the understanding that heavy (over 8 oz.) packages will be shipped at the most economical rates. Note that packages sent overseas require that a customs form be attached. 

If you want to express mail a package domestically (Federal Express, UPS overnight, etc.) or to send an item by Priority or Express Mail, we ask you to assume the cost and to use the FedEx-Kinko’s store at 236 Meeting Street or the U.S. Post office located at 306 Thayer Street.
 We cannot absorb the cost of your mailing books or other belongings home at the end of your stay.

You may make calls to numbers on campus and in the Providence area for free. For non-business toll calls within the state and other long distance personal calls, please use a pre-paid calling card.  There are phones located at the far end of the reference stack area on the ground floor and in the locker area behind the card catalog room on the first floor. Both of these phones are for the particular use of Fellows. For incoming calls, please give the reference desk number—401-863-3923and we will call you to either the first floor phone or to the ground floor phone mentioned above.

If you are carrying a cell phone, please do not use it anywhere within hearing of others. In addition, reception within the building is poor, so going outside with a mobile phone is recommended.

The primary benefit your Brown ID provides is access to the Brown University libraries and entry into the computer systems at the university. Any books checked out of the Brown University Libraries are your responsibility alone. The John Carter Brown Library accepts no liability for books from outside the JCB. Your ID also gives you free access to the Brown Athletic Center (September through May).

The Brown ID also gives you free admission to the Rhode Island School of Design Museum and discounts at various local businesses, such as Eastside MarketPlace. For more information, see Benefit page for details.