Thematic and Cluster Fellowships


Alongside our regular fellowship program, we encourage applications in special areas, as part of a set of pilot initiatives the Library is sponsoring. These emphases enhance our regular fellowship program. Last year's fellowship committee gave preference to applications in the following areas:

  Environmental Studies: The JCB is keen to welcome applications whose projects have thematic resonance with the study of the environment and its history, lato sensu. In coming years, as part of a multi-year project on “The Four Elements in the History of the Americas,” the Library will explore the cultural significance of earth, air, fire, and water to the diverse populations of the Americas, from the continents’ earliest indigenous inhabitants to the last waves of European scientific explorers at the end of the colonial period. This project will begin in 2014-15 with an exhibit and related programming on “Subterranean Worlds” and will continue in 2015-16 with a focus on air and climate.

Indigenous Studies: This two to four-month fellowship is designed for a junior or senior scholar working on the history and/or anthropology of native peoples of the Americas who could benefit from an extended stay and privileged access to the JCB’s collection in this field. Tribal historians with non-traditional academic backgrounds are also eligible to apply. The John M. Monteiro Memorial Fellow in Indigenous Studies may also help to develop symposia and/or lectures and will be able to access additional funds to bring in speakers and activities to the Library.

Interdisciplinary Cluster Fellows (ICFs): As part of an effort to expand the disciplinary scope of research at the Library, and to emphasize the role of the JCB as a laboratory for new research methods, the fellowship committee encourages applications from small interdisciplinary groups of between two to four scholars who would be in simultaneous residence for periods of up to one month to work in collaboration on a particular theme, object, or scholarly project. Each scholar would receive a one-month fellowship and priority access to stay at the Fiering House Fellows’ residence. ICF applications are collective applications – one per cluster – and are due to the Library on January 15, 2016.

No reference letters are required for the ICFs, but a letter should be submitted to the Library, to the attention of Neil Safier, at [email protected]. The letter should include specific information on the intended project, the names of participants with their CVs, and the proposed date and length of time for coming to the JCB. The weekly stipend will be approximately $500 per person. Additional monies may be available to defray travel expenses, especially for those scholars coming from outside the US. Specific details will be assessed on a case by case basis once the proposals have been submitted.