Association Fellowships

Below is a list of scholars who have been awarded Association fellowships in the past.  Their research topic is also included.

Katherine Bonil Gómez     
"The Identities and Political Culture of Free People of African Descent in New Granada, 1760-1815"
Giovanna Ceserani "Colonies Ancient and Modern. The European Debate on the Independence of the American Colonies: The American Reception"
Brett Charbeneau "Williamsburg Imprints"
Manuel Covo “Trade, Empire, and Revolutions in the Atlantic World: Saint-Domingue, between the Metropole and the United States (c. 1778 to c. 1804)”
Caroline Cox “Boy Soldiers in the American Revolution”
Amanda Crompton “Continual Journeys: French Travel Narratives and the Early Modern North Atlantic World”
Angel Delgado-Gómez "A critical edition of Bernal Diaz del Castillo's 'The True History of the Conquest of New Spain' "
Christine M. DeLucia “The Memory Frontier:  Making Past and Place in the Northeast after King Philip’s War”
Christina  M. Dickerson-Cousin "A Death in the Woods:  The Jumonville Affair and Its Consequences"
Bethan Fisk “The Wilderness Within: Religiosities of People of Colour in New Granada, 1690-1790”
Emily C. Floyd “Matrices of Devotion: Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Limeñian Devotional Prints and Local Religion in the Viceroyalty of Peru”
Jake Frederick “Fire and Control in Bourbon Mexico City”
Valeri Guliaev "The Symbolism of Power in Pre-Columbian Meso-America"
Edward Cecil Harris "Bermuda and the Development of Fortifications in the British North American Colonies Before 1783"
Joshua  Jelly-Schapiro "Islands of the Mind: Mapping a New World"
Jacob  F. Lee “Rivers of Power: Indians and Colonists in the North American Midcontinent”
Robert E. Lewis "Critical Ed. of the Historia Gen. de las Indias (1552) by Francisco Lopez de Gomara"
Francis Xavier Luca " 'The Sorcerers' Apprentices':  An Examination of the Part Played by Amerindian Tutors and Translators
in the Evangelization of the Americas"
Julia Madajczak “Conceptualizing the New: Nahua Ways of Expression Induced by Cultural Contact”
Giuseppe Marcocci “Writing World History in Renaissance Europe and the Americas (c. 1500–1600)” 
Mark Meuwese "Dutch-Native Interactions in the Atlantic World, 1590-1700, Especially First Contacts"
Kenneth R. Mills "Evangelization and Response in the Spanish World, c. 1450-1750"
Mark C. Molesky “This Gulf of Fire:  The Great Lisbon Earthquake and the Forging of the Modern World”
Kameika Murphy "Currents of Liberty:  Revolutionary Emigres and Their Contributions to Afro-Caribbean Civil Society, 1775-1838"
Tessa Murphy “An Indigenous Archipelago: Caribs & Europeans in the Lesser Antilles, 1600-1700”
Janice Neri "The Insect and the Image:  Visualizing Nature in Early Modern Europe"
Christopher M. Parsons "Plants and Peoples in Early Canada"
Geraldo Pieroni "The Portuguese Inquisition and the Banishment to Brazil (1580-1720)"
Richard C. Rath "North America Soundways, 1600-1800"
Lucy Rinehart "Playing Indian:  The Theater of Nature,  the Nature of Theater, and American 'Indian' Dramas"
Peter Roberts "The Early Development of the English Language in the West Indies and the Effect of Literacy on
the Development of Language and Thought"
Cristobal Silva "Republic of Medicine"
Jordan Smith “The Invention of Rum”
Mark Somos “Free to Conquer: The Parallel Constitutions of Early Modern Dutch Identity and Imperialism” 
Adam Stack “The Politics of Nature at Hacienda Quispicanchis, Cusco, Peru”
Owen Stanwood "The Transported: Rebels and Refugees in the British Atlantic World, 1660-1700"
Wil M. Verhoeven "Transatlantic Identities:  The Dutch Republic and America”
Daniel Webb “Southern Athapaskans and Western Science: Mapping an Ethnological History of the U.S.-Mexican Borderlands, 1767-1887”
Jerusha Westbury "Marvelous and Monstrous: The Thorny Problem of Control in Atlantic Colonial Botany"
William E. Wilkie "The Mapping of the Upper Mississippi 1650-1860"
Craig B. Yirush "From the Perspective of Empire:  The Common Law, Natural Rights, and the Construction of American Political Culture, 1689-1765"