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The Association of Friends and Fellows of the John Carter Brown Library brings together two important groups of Library supporters: the Library's friends (aka Associates) who are interested in advancing its ongoing acquisitions, conservation, and fellowship programs; and its former research fellows who wish to support the institution that invested in them at an earlier stage in their career. All members of the Association support the Library's mission to acquire and provide access (in digital and material form) to rare source materials relating to the early history of North and South America, and contribute to fellowships in all areas of scholarly endeavor based on our unique collection of books, maps and manuscripts.

The minimum contribution for membership in the Association is a $50 annual contribution ($35 for former fellows, and $25 for students). To join the Associates, a higher level supporter of the Library, the annual contribution is $100 and above. Many of our members prefer to give larger amounts than the requested minimum. Our hope is to attract people who have a genuine interest in sustaining the Library’s collecting and who wish to support its numerous programs to encourage advanced scholarship and public education on the history of the Americas and their role in early modern global history.

To join the Association of Friends and Fellows, click **HERE** to make your donation.

*Friends*: $50 annual membership fee ($35 for former fellows; $25 for students)

*Associates*: $100 annual membership fee ($50 for former fellows)

*Winship Circle* Associates: $250 annual membership donation

*Sophia Augusta Brown Circle* Associates: $500 annual membership donation

*Alexander von Humboldt Circle* Associates: $1,000 annual membership donation

*Bartolomé de las Casas Circle* Associates: $5,000 annual membership donation

*Richard Hakluyt Circle* Associates: $10,000 annual membership donation

Gift memberships are also available, as are opportunities to sponsor digital bookplates for our ongoing digital initiatives. Click here for more information.

You may also send a check made payable to The John Carter Brown Library (Box 1894, Providence, RI, USA 02912) indicating your interest in joining the New Association of Friends and Fellows. If you have any questions, please contact Maureen O'Donnell at (401) 863-2725 or write to