Caring for the maintenance and conservation requirements of the many facets of the John Carter Brown Library collection is a daily activity at the library and we have found that the best way to deal with never-ending conservation issues is to just keep plugging away. The collection contain materials from 1492 to circa 1825 and many of the materials have been subjected to arduous conditions prior to their acquisition by the library.

Help us rescue something rare and wonderful from the ravages of time and use by adopting one of our needy books. Below are two worthy candidates.

William Hack's manuscript atlas of the west coast of South America, ca. 1698
Estimate for repair — $11,000 +

William Hack atlasWilliam Hack atlasThis is one of at least fourteen manuscript atlases that William Hack, a London map and chart maker, made from a collection of captured Spanish charts. The buccaneer Captain Bartholomew Sharpe had seized the charts when he captured the Spanish ship Rosario off the coast of Ecuador in 1681. This massive volume, with its impressive original red leather binding, contains 183 maps, all of which have deteriorated to one degree or another because the iron-gall ink used to draw them has eaten through the paper.

Protective Book Boxes
Average cost: $100.00

Perhaps you want to make a lasting contribution that will protect a book but not break the bank. Many rare books are best served when stored in boxes that are sized to a particular book and constructed of acid-free materials. The "clamshell" box is effective and attractive. It is custom-made to fit the book it contains, thus providing support for the volume. It is constructed of the board used for book covers over which book cloth is wrapped, producing a well-functioning, neatly crafted box. Available in a variety of colors. Book boxes are labeled on the spine.

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