Planned Giving

All gifts to the John Carter Brown Library are tax deductible to the extent allowed by Federal law. The Library falls under the umbrella of Brown University's status as 501(c)(3) charitable institution. Checks made payable to the John Carter Brown Library will not be challenged by the Internal Revenue Service.

1) Cash gifts may be made by check, payable to the John Carter Brown Library, and should be mailed to:

John Carter Brown Library
Box 1894
Providence, RI 02912

If your check is made out to Brown University, please be sure to add to the memo line, “For the John Carter Brown Library”or “For the JCB”

2) To wire funds to the Library, please write or call Nichole Curley at the Library for instructions:
Tel.: (401) 863-1553

3) To transfer stock, please be in touch with Ms. Anne Sharp,  Gift Securities Manager, Investment Office, Box C, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island 02912.
Tel: (401) 867-3976
Fax: (401) 867-3996

At the same time, please notify Neil Safier, Director of the John Carter Brown Library, or Nichole Curley, Assistant Director for Administration and Finance, that a stock transfer is underway.