Ordering Images


All images that are on our LUNA Imaging and Internet Archive sites are available for open-access high-resolution download. If you wish to have us digitize an image that is not already scanned, we charge $35 per image. Please send your request for images to us by first registering with our circulation software AEON and making your image order through that system. We are also happy to answer questions you might have; please write to the Imaging Department with those questions.

For each image ordered, we provide one TIFF image (at minimum of 300 dpi) for reproduction, and one 72 dpi JPEG image for quick reference.

Image costs

  • For a new scan, we charge $ 35.00 per image.
  • If the image has already been scanned but you wish to receive a .TIF file (instead of the JP2 file available as a high-resolution open-access download), we charge $15.00 per image.

Each order will accrue a handling charge of $15.00 that helps to compensate for staff time.

Under normal circumstances, we will transmit the digital images to your account through AEON. Standard delivery time is between three to four weeks. Rush delivery is anything under two weeks. All rush orders will incur a 100% rush surcharge.

Once we have received your order, we will provide you with an invoice number and the amount due before sending the image(s) to you.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Imaging Department directly.