Open Access Policy

The Library considers its extraordinary collection of books, maps, and prints an inalienable resource that has been protected and curated for nearly two centuries, but it also understands the value these sources have for potential audiences throughout the world. The digital revolution has made sharing the collection easier than ever before, allowing us to adopt an open access policy that will help our materials reach anyone who is interested in using them. The Library provides access to books that have been digitized (click here), and provides access to individual images and maps that have been digitized (click here).

These materials are made available under a Creative Commons License (click here for that policy). By downloading any images from our site, you agree to the terms of that license. We ask that anyone who uses the Library’s material to include the following attribution: "Courtesy of the John Carter Brown Library." Finally, even though we are thrilled to provide open access to our collections, we would very much look forward to hearing from you if and when you use materials from the Library for publications. E-mail us here.

The Library has committed to converting its entire collection into digital format. Please contact Library staff to inquire about materials that are not yet available online.