Thalia Field

Thalia Field
Adele Seaver Kellenberg Professor of Literary Arts

Office Location: Room 301
68 1/2 Brown St.
Phone: (401) 863-9789
[email protected]


Fall 2021
On administrative assignment
Spring 2022 course
LITR 1150B, Sec. 1 – The Foreign Home: Interdisciplinary Arts

Thalia Field's novel, Experimental Animals (A Reality Fiction), is available from Solid Objects press. She has published three collections with New Directions press: Point and Line (2000), Incarnate:Story Material (2004), and Bird Lovers, Backyard (2010). Her performance novel, Ululu (Clown Shrapnel), was published with Coffee House Press, and she has two collaborations with french author Abigail Lang: A Prank of Georges (Essay Press, 2010) and the forthcoming Leave to Remain.