Angela Ferraiolo

Angela Ferraiolo, Visiting Lecturer

Office Location: Room 302 - 68 1/2 Brown St.
Phone: (401) 863 3298



Fall 2013 courses
Screenwriting II
Advanced ScreenWriting

Spring 2014 courses:
LITR0210E S01 - Screenwriting II 

Angela Ferraiolo is a writer and filmmaker working on how computation might create procedural narrative. Professionally she has worked for RKO, H20 Productions, Westwood Studios, and Electronic Arts. She is the writer/narrative designer of three shipped video game titles, including one of the first online massive multiplayers, Earth and Beyond, as well as the unproducable screenplay A Beautiful Room, which chronicles the heartbreaks of a group of occult interior designers who give far too much free advice regarding home decor. New projects include Follow This, a playable movie for mobile devices.