Application for Honors in Creative Writing

The Literary Arts Department is accepting applications from concentrators for Honors in Creative Writing.  Please use this on-line form to submit your application and writing sample.  Note that we prefer writing samples in pdf format.   When completed, please print for your records.  

If applying for more than one genre, a separate form must be completed.

Submission period is from September 7th to September 23rd @ midnight.

Please Note: You must complete an Honors application for each genre for which you wish to be considered.

Writing samples must be attached preferably in .pdf format, or a web-link, to this application. If a writing sample cannot be attached, please notify Joseph Gagne at or at ext. 3-3260 to make arrangements for receipt of your writing sample.

Please use the above text box if you have any questions or comments.

Course requirements are the same as those for the regular concentration (four workshops, six elective literature-reading courses), with the following changes and additions: honors candidates must include two 1000-level workshops or independent studies among their courses; and complete a thesis. Students may accomplish thesis work by completing LITR1410 or LITR 1510 (either of which may count toward the two-1000 level writing course requirements for completing the concentration with honors). Students who are enrolled in or have completed at least 1000-level workshop (or independent study) may submit honors application via this on-line application during submission period.