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FAQs:  Helpful Information about applying to Literary Arts Workshops

How may I get on a wait list for the introductory workshops?
Wait lists will be created at the first workshop session. There is no advantage (or value) in contacting the instructor in advance of the first class meeting.

How long should my writing sample be?

For intermediate sections, typical submissions are:

Fiction:  5-15 pages of prose fiction  

Poetry:  4-8 pages of poetry  

Electronic: A story, 4-6 pages of poetry, or computer-based creative work
Screenwriting:   One play or screenplay (of at least 5 pages in length, in standard screenplay format) 

Special Topics: a writing sample 4-15 pages -- if possible, relevant to the topic (but any creative work will be considered)

For advanced sections:

Fiction: 10-20 pages of prose fiction  

Poetry:  6-12 pages of poetry  

Electronic: One or more computer-based creative works 
Screenwriting:  One screenplay 
(of at least 10 pages in length, in standard screenplay format) 
Translation: 8-20 pages of material, in translation or not  

Special Topics: 8-20 pages of original material, relevant to the topic

Should I register for an intermediate or advanced creative writing workshop in advance?  
If you meet the criteria, you may register for intermediate creative writing workshops and advanced electronic writing. If you are able to register, you need not submit a writing sample at the beginning of the semester. If you cannot register, then you should submit a writing sample at the beginning of the semester.

How many sections should I apply for?  

Apply to any section that you would like to take - advanced and/or intermediate. The more to which you apply, the more likely you are to get into one; but don't apply to a section where you know you have a time conflict. Once you've been accepted in one section of a particular genre, you will NOT get into any other.

Are there prerequisites for workshops?  

Any undergraduate student may submit writing samples to intermediate and advanced workshops, regardless of the courses previously taken. In certain fields (screenwriting, digital language arts), by applying, the instructor will assume that you have familiarity with the related software and basic techniques of the field.

Can graduate students take LITR 0110-0310 classes?  

No. These courses are designed for undergraduate students only. In almost all cases, the Department will not grant exceptions.

Writing samples deadline for intermediate and advanced courses are due on the first day of each semester by 4 pm at the Literary Arts building, 68 1/2 Brown St.