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Africana Studies

The Africana Studies Department at Brown University focuses on theoretical, historical, literary, and artistic explorations of the various cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora. The department's course offerings and other academic activities are supplemented by extra-curricular activities which emphasize the global reach and implications of Africana without losing sight of the specific concerns of African-American experiences.

Graduate School

Brown offers more than fifty different programs of graduate study—from History to Mathematics; from multidisciplinary opportunities in Engineering to a master's in Environmental Studies.

John Hay Library

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Theatre Arts & Performance Studies

The goal of the Consortium between Trinity Rep and Brown University is to be that fabled place of artistic kinship, creative excellence and social idealism, where the artistic and intellectual educate one another and even become one in the performed world of seeming and being. No program entirely breaks the mold of all that came before, yet we do believe that we are bringing something new into the world. The combination of a nationally recognized, Tony Award-winning theatre company with a University and a theatre department of the first rank offers opportunities and resources to realize a thrilling range of artistic visions.