I Remember (from the graduating class of 2020)

Using the procedure created by Amercan artist and author Joe Brainard, the graduating Literary Arts class of 2020 offers passages reflections on their time at Brown using the "I Remember" format. Each entry focuses on one memory, starts with the words "I rememeber," is no more than (roughly) 100 words. We'll keep adding entres as they arrive. 

I remember C.D. Wright, my very first semester, speaking in an Arkansas drawl. She was my introduction to writing at Brown and shattered all of my expectations. [Alex Walsh]

I remember listening to Mary Ruefle speak about peach trees, and how every class in college was really trying to teach us the same thing. I don't remember if she read from her essay, "I Remember," but I remember reading it. I remember that it felt like she lived the life of a Poet and I remember wanting to be just like her. [Alex Walsh]

I remember feeling despair and loneliness stronger than I'd ever experienced. And I remember that books understood this feeling, and every time I opened a new one it seemed to understand it more deeply. I remember reading "I Love Dick" by Chris Kraus when I didn't think anyone had ever been as heartbroken as I was, and "Douleur Exquise" by Sophie Calle. I remember reading "The Nature of Things" by Francis Ponge and finding that mollusks understood me, even oranges. I remember realizing that books didn't make despair go away, but they felt it too, and somehow that made it more bearable. [Alex Walsh]