George Seremba - IWP Fellow 2013-2014

IWP Fellow 2013-2014 & 2010-2011

Playwright George Seremba was forced to flee Uganda in 1980 following a botched assassination attempt at the hands of Milton Obote’s military intelligence (‘G’ Branch).   After leaving Uganda, he moved first to Kenya, then to Canada, and later to Dublin. Since leaving Uganda, he has had an extensive career as a playwright and performer. He is the author of three full-length plays, The Grave Will Decide, Come Good Rain, and Napoleon of the Nile, as well as of poems and radio plays. An accomplished actor, he has performed in feature films, on television, and on the stage. While IWP Visiting Playright at Brown in August - September, 2010,  he staged a performance of Come Good Rain, a one-man show about the night when, as a student leader in Uganda, he was taken out and shot, and left for dead.