Literary Arts & the Watson Institute

Together, the Department of Literary Arts at Brown and the Watson
Institute for International Studies are uniquely positioned to provide
help and sustenance to writers struggling with political oppression.
Brown's Department of Literary Arts is internationally recognized for
its distinguished faculty and its focus on experimental literature.
The program offers workshops at the beginning, intermediate, advanced,
and graduate levels in poetry, fiction, and electronic writing. It
also offers a yearly schedule of festivals, readings, and other
special events that showcase the work of its faculty and students and
bring many exciting writers to Brown.

The Watson Institute for International Studies, established in 1986,
provides a forum in which students, faculty, researchers and policy
makers confront the most pressing global issues of our time.  A
nucleus for teaching and research on international relations at Brown,
the Institute promotes policy-relevant work that analyzes current
global problems and develops initiatives to address them. With a dual
focus on global security and political economy and development, the
Institute's research aims to improve policies, and its use of
innovative media aims to engage the broader public in global dialogue.
Scholars affiliated with the Institute come from multiple disciplines,
and include anthropologists, economists, political scientists,
sociologists, and other specialists; together they work with an
ever-changing cohort of visiting scholars and practitioners from
around the world.

The two programs provide a rich array of resources and facilities for
international writers based on the Brown campus, as well as access to
a unique community of scholars, students, and creative artists.