Mark Baumer, MFA Class of 2011, Dies While on Cross-Country Trek

Mark Baumer, MFA class of 2011, died in late January 2017, killed when struck by a vehicle as he continued his long-distance cross-country walk, undertaken to highlight concerns about climate change.

A memorial celebration will be held at 2 pm on Saturday, Feb. 4, in the Granoff Center for the Arts, 154 Angell St., Providence. All are welcome.  

(Distributed January 23, 2017)

Lit Arts Alums Release New, Interactive Novella for iPad

PRY, a hybrid, online interactive novella created by Literary Arts alums Samantha Gorman  AB ’06, MFA ’10, and Danny Cannizzaro, AB ’06, has been released for iPad.

PRY was one of three finalists for the inaugural Time Warner Future of Storytelling Prize, awarded in October 2014.  The FoST prize seeks to recognize “the world’s most adventurous story creators, working across platforms to mastermind boldly interactive narratives.”

(Distributed October 17, 2014)

CD Wright to receive Presidential Faculty Award in Fall 2013

At the monthly faculty meeting Tuesday, April 2, President Christina Paxson announced the Brown University Presidential Faculty Award inaugural recipients: Poet C.D. Wright (fall 2013) and Charles Larmore, professor of philosophy (spring 2014). Recipients will receive a research stipend and will present their work to faculty colleagues in other disciplines.

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(Distributed April 8, 2013)

Spring 2013 Prizes Announced

The Department of Literary Arts is pleased to announce the selected writings for the 2013 Prizes in Literary Arts.  Thank you to all who entered their work, and congratulations to the selected writers.  

To view the list of selected writing, click Literary Arts Prizes.


(Distributed April 5, 2013)

IWP Fellow Nihad Sirees Interviewed on CNN

This year's International Writers Project fellow, Nihad Sirees, whose new book, The Silence and the Roar, bears witness to a fictionalized version of his native country, Syria. While in London for the launch of the book, Nihad Sirees was interviewed by CNN -- see an edited version of that interview at  Exiled Syrian Writer:  Why I Fled

(Distributed February 22, 2013)

IWP Fellow, Nihad Sirees, Receives PEN Award

Syrian novelist Nihad Sirees, Brown University’s 2012-13 International Writers Project Fellow, has been named as the recipient of an English PEN Award for outstanding writing in translation for his novel, The Silence and the Roar.

(Distributed November 29, 2012)
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