David Orsini (AM 66, PhD 75) author of Vanishing by Degrees

David Orsini's novel Vanishing by Degrees has become a part of the Language Arts curriculum in Cranston High School West. Please visit for more information about David's novels, story collection, and novella. On the Quaternity Books site, you will also find information about David's twin brother Daniel's three books of metaphysical poetry. Daniel earned three degrees from Brown University: A.B., A.M., and Ph.D.

(Distributed July 7, 2020)

Jim Higdon MFA 2000 launches Cornbred Hemp

Jim Higdon (MFA, 2000) has launched Cornbread Hemp, a CBD brand named after his first book, The Cornbread Mafia. The book is a narrative nonfiction account of the largest domestic marijuana syndicate in American history based in Higdon’s hometown in Kentucky.

(Distributed July 7, 2020)

Poem Talk features Erica Hunt

A p0em by Erica Hunt, assistant professor of the practice, is the focus of the 27 May 2020 edition of PoemTalk. The episode features Tyrone Williams, Aldon Lynn Nielsen, William J Harris & Erica Hunt talking with Al Filreis about Erica's poem "Should You Find Me.” 

(Distributed May 27, 2020)

John Cayley's Gammalepsy just released

John Cayley’s collection of essays, Grammalepsy, was recently published by Bloomsbury Academic. According to Leonardo Music Journal, “The quality of the author’s theoretical sharpness and reflection is of course one of them, and one will find in this book an in-depth but often somewhat polemic dialogue with all the major critics and theoreticians in the field ...

(Distributed April 26, 2020)

Literary Arts Receives Brown Arts Initiative Grants

Assistant Professor Sawako Nakayasu and Jo Stewart MFA '21 have received grants from the Brown Arts Initiative to fund work that will take place in the 2020-21 academic year.

(Distributed April 16, 2020)

Professor Laird Hunt Named to National Book Award Judging Panel

Professor of Literary Arts Laird Hunt will be among the judges on the fiction panel for the 2020 National Book Awards.  Laird is the author of seven novels, with an eighth, Zorrie, forthcoming in 2021.  He joined Brown’s fiction faculty in July, 2018, and works with both graduate and undergraduate students.  The National Book Awards were established in 1950 to honor the best writing published in the

(Distributed April 2, 2020)

Stine An MFA '20 Selected for Emerging Translator Mentorship

Stine An (MFA ’20) has been chosen for the 2020 ALTA Emerging Translator Mentorship Program.  The program is designed by ALTA (The American Literary Translators Association) to facilitate and establish “a close working relationship between an experienced translator and an emerging translator” on a specific project, which will be completed during a nine-month mentorship period.  Stine will work with mentor Joyelle McSweeney to translate a collection of poems by the contemporary South Korean

(Distributed February 26, 2020)

New Book from Thalia Field

Leave to Remain, a fiction-essay collaboration written by Professor of Literary Arts Thalia Field and poet and translator Abigail Lang of the Université Paris-Diderot, was published by Dalkey Archive Press in January, 2020.  “Leave to Remain…is a faux spy novel possessed by the spirit of Janus:  doubleness, duplicity, double-entendres, two-facedness, bridges and doorways – as is only appropriate for a work composed by two writers:  one French and one American.  Two faced Janus resurrects into a time-traveling adventure, a tour of double-agents, double-s

(Distributed February 5, 2020)
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