Nick Vare - John Hawkes Prize in Fiction

“Bioceremonials” fuses together a keen understanding of hybrid activity in contemporary prose writing (though its concerns are not only with prose, but also with diagram, and prose poem, and spell, and alchemical treatise), with some very current and topical considerations of ecology and theory, with a result that exceeds each of these forms, by making more of the assemblage than of its constituent elements. There are thrilling moments of storytelling here, there are revelations of the self, and there are apt and important articulations of how theory can open the field to new ways of thinking about subjectivity and time and science and narrativity. Also, there’s a lot of Indiana here, depicted with great sympathy and comedy. This manuscript causes one to think, but is also extremely moving, and develops, despite its variety of containers, as compellingly as might a symphony. This is work that is self-assured, dazzling, and new.