The One on Earth

19 October  7 pm
Martinos Auditorium, Granoff Center
154 Angell Street, Providence
Barefoot: The Mark Baumer Story
[film screening; running time: 1 hour, 26 minutes]
A documentary celebrating Mark Baumer
directed by Julie Sokolow

Note: for those not abe to attend in person, a limited number of people will be able to register to stream Barefoot: The Mark Baumer Story (available for streaming from 17 October through 10 pm on 19 October)

20 October 7 pm
McCormack Family Theater
70 Brown Street, Providence
The One on Earth: Selected Works of Mark Baumer
Readings from Mark Baumer’s literary work by Blake Butler, Claire Donato and Nik Slackman

Mark Baumer earned his MFA from Brown in 2011, where he made abiding friends while he pursued an unconventional and abundantly personal approach to writing, teaching and living. Upon graduating from Brown, Mark began work providing communications for the Brown University Library, becoming, among other things, the voice of Josiah Carberry, long-beloved professor whose areas of study include psycho-ceramics. Taking an extended leave from the library, Mark began a barefoot trek across the United States on 13 Oct 2016. From along the walk, he regularly posted video blog materials -- --, chronicling the walk, his encounters, and his perception of the nation through which he was passing. In January 2017, he was struck dead by a passing vehicle.

Mark Baumer was author of Holiday Meat (Quarterly West), and of a number of other self-published works. A selection of his work, The One on Earth, was published earlier this year by Fence Books (edited by Blake Butler and Shane Jones, with a foreword by Claire Donato).  

This two-day program has been made possible by funding from the Katherine Cass Packard '13 Endowment, with additional support from the Brown University Library, the Brown Arts Institute and Brown’s Department of Literary Arts.

20 October presenters

Blake Butler is the author of seven book-length works, including Alice Knott (Riverhead), 300,000,000 (Harper Perennial), Sky Saw (Tyrant Books), There is No Year (Harper Perennial), Scorch Atlas (Featherproof Books), and Ever (Calamari Press), as well as the nonfictional Nothing: A Portrait of Insomnia (Harper Perennial). His short fiction, interviews, reviews, and essays have appeared widely, including in The Believer, The New York Times, Bomb, Bookforum, and as an ongoing column at Vice.



Claire Donato is the author of Burial (Tarpaulin Sky Press) and The Second Body (Poor Claudia), and wrote the foreword to The One on Earth: Selected Works of Mark Baumer (Fence Books). She teaches poetics and advises BFA and MFA theses at Pratt Institute, where she received the 2020 Distinguished Teacher Award. In addition to writing books, she takes 35mm photographs, is an illustrator, practices Zen meditation, and records songs. She lives in Brooklyn.
Nik Slackman is a writer and media artist living in New Jersey. He is an editor at Fence, where he served as producer and managing editor for The One on Earth: Selected Works of Mark Baumer. He is also the co-founder of Bard College's Meme Lab, an intern at The Clegg Agency, and currently working on a collaborative, Zoom-exclusive music festival called "In Your Living Room With a Wristband". His writing has been published in Always Crashing and XRAY.