Theory Courses

In addition to taking at least four creative writing workshops covering at least two genres, students are also required to take at least six reading-intensive courses, including a course in literary theory or the history of literary criticism and a breadth of literary periods.

Theory Courses offered this academic year are listed below.  

Academic Year 2016-2017  

Fall 2016

COLT 1210, Introduction to the Theory of Literature
ENGL 1760X, The Men's Film, c. 2011
ENGL 1900D, Literature and Politics
ENGL 1900R, Queer Relations: Aesthetics and Sexuality
LITR 1230E   Form and Theory of Fiction
MCM 220   Print Culture: Textuality and the History of Books
MCM 240   Television Studies
MCM 0260  Cinematic Coding and Narrativity
MCM 0901W   The Space Within
MCM 1203J   Anime Studies
MCM 1504Z   Civil Disobedience

Spring 2017

COLT 1610S  Theory of the Novel
ENGL 0700P, Reading Practices: An Introduction to Literary Theory
ENGL 1140A, The Literary Scholar 
ENGL 1190S, Poetics of Narrative 
ENGL 1561W, On Being Bored 
ENGL 1711G, Refiguring Expression: The Feeling of Voice in Modern and Contemporary Poetry 
ENGL 1760I, "Terrible Beauty": Literature and the Terrorist Imaginary 
ENGL 1900J, Zoopoetics 
ENGL 1901F, Art of Criticism
LITR 1230J   Writing Material Differences
MCM 0150   Text/Media/Culture
MCM 0800L   I Don’t Even Know Why They Call it Color TV
MCM 0991X   Digital Cinema and the Inhuman
MCM 991Y   Puzzle Films
MCM 1230K   Sharing
MCM 1230L   Media and Everyday Life in Japan 
MCM 1505A   Television Realities
MCM 1505B   Hitchcock: The Theory
MCM 1700F   Theory for Practice/Practice for Theory