Theory Courses

In addition to taking at least four creative writing workshops covering at least two genres, students are also required to take at least six reading-intensive courses, including a course in literary theory or the history of literary criticism and a breadth of literary periods. Below, please find below a list of courses that meet the theory requirement (a subsection of these classes may be given in any given semester). New courses will be added to the list as they come to our attention:

Literary Arts

LITR 1230E, Form and Theory of Fiction

LITR 1230J, Writing: Material Differences

LITR 1231E, Rereading Writing


American Studies

AMCV 1903P, Please Please Me


Comparative Literature

COLT 0810T  Oedipus in Theory and Literature

COLT 1210, Introduction to the Theory of Literature

COLT 1421C, Subaltern Studies

COLT 1610B, Irony

COLT 1610S, Theory of the Novel

COLT 1610Y, Of Friends and Enemies

COLT 1810G, Fiction and History

COLT 1810N, Freud: Writer and Reader

COLT 1810P, Literature and Medicine

COLT 1811E, Sentimentalism: Fiction/Film/Theory

COLT 1811X, Marx and his Critics

COLT 1812J, Poetry and Ethics

COLT 1814T, Maghrebi Fiction and Psychoanalysis

COLT 1814U, Politics of Reading

COLT 1814W, Repetition: Kierkegaard, Nietzche and Freud

COLT 1815F, Memory, Commemoration, Testimony

COLT 2520F, Theories of the Lyric

COLT 2650M, Literary Theory

COLT 2650R, The New Foucault: Between Antiquity and Neoliberalism

COLT 2650T, Foundations of Literary Theory



ENGL 0150W, Literature and the Visual Arts

ENGL 0410J, Literature of Identity

ENGL 0600, The Work of Mourning

ENGL 0700E, Postcolinial Literature

ENGL 0700P, Reading Practices: An Introduction to Literary Theory

ENGL 0710L, Ishiguro, Amongst Others

ENGL 0710R, Poetry and Science

ENGL 0710W, Readings in Black and Queer

ENGL 0800D, The Dead and the Living

ENGL 0800I, Global South Asia

ENGL 1140A, Intellectual Pleasures

ENGL 1140B, The Literary Scholar

ENGL 1190A, The Arrangement of Words

ENGL 1190J, Narrative Poetics

ENGL 1190S, Poetics of Narrative

ENGL 1210, History of the English Language

ENGL 1310H, Origins of American Literature

ENGL 1511I, Culture and Anarchy

ENGL 1311K, Hamlet in Theory

ENGL 1511A, American Literature of the Civil War

LITR 1511L, On Being Bored

ENGL 1511Y, Emily Dickinson and the Theory of Lyric Form

ENGL 1560Q, The Poetry of Poltics

ENGL 1560R, From Frankenstein to Einstein

ENGL 1560W, Getting Emotional: Passionate Theories

ENGL 1560Y, The Ethics of Romanticism

ENGL 1561D, Writing and the Ruins of Empire

ENGL 1561H, The Brain and the Book

ENGL 1561W, On Being Bored

ENGL 1710U, What Was Postmodern Literature

ENGL 1710M, Nationalizing Narratives

ENGL 1711J, Act for an Undivided Earth

ENGL 1711K, The Politics of Perspective: Post-War British Fiction

ENGL 1760C, Body and Event in Contemporary Fiction

ENGL 1760I, Terrible Beauty: Literature and the Terrorist Imaginary

ENGL 1760T, Literary Africa

ENGL 1760V, Lying Cheating Stealing

ENGL 1760X, The Men’s Film, c. 2011

ENGL 1761D, Hollywood and American Modernism from FDR to JFK

ENGL 1761N, Natural and Supernatural

ENGL 1761Q, WG Sebald and Some Interlocutors

ENGL 1761Y, Issues in World Literature

ENGL 1762A, Perverse Cinema

ENGL 1762D, Kubrick

ENGL 1762E, Invisibility and Impersonality in Modern American Fiction

ENGL 1900A, Literature and the Ideology of the Aesthetic

ENGL 1900D, Literature and Politics

ENGL 1900E, Aesthetics and Politics

ENGL 1900F, Interpretation

ENGL 1900G, Literature and Structure of English

ENGL 1900I, Critical Methodologies

ENGL 1900J, Fanon and Spillers

ENGL 1900K, Reading Sex

ENGL 1900J, Zooepoetics

ENGL 1900K, Reading Sex

ENGL 1900P, History of Criticism from Plato to Postmodernism

ENGL 1900R, Queer Relations: Aesthetics and Sexuality

ENGL 1900S, Realism and the Realistic

ENGL 1900T, The Postcolonial and the Postmodern

ENGL 1900Y, Medieval Manuscript Studies

ENGL 1900Z, Neuroaesthetics and Reading

ENGL 1901B, Politics and the Novel

ENGL 1901E, Literature and Digital Humanities

ENGL 1901F, Art of Criticism

ENGL 1901G, Tiny Politics

ENGL 1901J, Cronenberg

ENGL 1901M, Reading Literature in an Information Age

ENGL 1901N, The Sublime

ENGL 1901P, Waves and Edges: Poetry and the Sea

ENGL 1950E, Reading Narrative Theory

ENGL 1950F, Law and Literature

ENGL 1950H, The Recent Novel and its Cultural Rivals

ENGL 1950J, Reading Literature in a Digital World

ENGL 1950L, Inoperative Selves

ENGL 2560K, Postcolonial Theory and Africanist Discourse

LITR 2560O, Victorian Poetry and Visual Arts

ENGL 2560Z, Global Early American Literature

ENGL 2561S, Corporate Aesthetics

ENGL 2561T, Rhetoric and Narrative Discourse, from Austen to James

ENGL 2561V, The Pursuit of Happiness

ENGL 2760M, Postcoloniality and Globalism

ENGL 2760X, After Postmodernism: New Fictional Modes

ENGL 2760Y, American Orientalism and Asian American Literary Criticism

ENGL 2761C, Black Internationalism and its Discontens

ENGL 2761N, Theories of Affect: Poetics of Expression

ENGL 2716R, Metaphor/Matter/Time

ENGL 2900E, Deleuze: Literature and Aesthetics

ENGL 2900F, Form and Content

ENGL 2900G, History and Form

ENGL 2900H, Queer Passivity

ENGL 2900K, Nietzsche Foucault Latour

ENGL 2900N, Ethical Turns in Psychoanalysis and Literature

ENGL 2900O, Narrative Theory

ENGL 2900X, Postcolonial Theory

ENGL 2901G, Ultimate Dialogicality: Thinking with Bakhtin

ENGL 2901H, Genres of Critique

ENGL 2901J, Classical and Post-Classical Narratology

ENGL 2901K, Theory, Technics, Religion

ENGL 2901L, Studying Hmanities in an Information Age

 ENGL 2901M/HUMAn 2401A, Bakhtin and the Political Present

ENGL 2901N/RELS 2110C, Suspiction and its Others

ENGL 2901R, Technologies of Memory

Ethnic Studies

ETHN 1890E, Johnny Are You Queer?


Gender Studies

GNSS 0091A. Documenting the Feminized Body

GNSS 0120, Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies

GNSS 1960D, Feminist Theory/Feminist Activism

GNSS 2020H, Research Seminar in Feminist Theory



GRMN 1200D, Repetition: Kierkegaard, Nietzche, Freud

GRMN 1320I, What is an Image?

GRMN 1661C, Troubled Origins: Accounting for Oneself

GRMN 2661O, Heidegger and the Arts



HMAN 1972X. Kubrick’s Work


Modern Culture and Media

MCM 0110, Introduction to Theory and Analysis

MCM 0150, Text/Media/Culture

MCM 0220, Print Cultures: Textuality and the History of Books

MCM 0230, Digital Media

MCM 0240, Television Studies

MCM 0260, Cinematic Coding and Narrativity

MCM 0730B, TV or Not TV

MCM 0750C, Subtle Machines

MCM 0800L, I Don’t Even Know Why They Call it Color TV

MCM 0900N, Body/Gesture/Cinema

MCM 0900T, Public Cinema

MCM 900U, Face-to-Face: The Filmed Interview

MCM 0900V, Interpretation as Detection

MCM 0900W, Media and/as Ethnographies

NCN 0901Q, Governing Sex

MCM 0901S, Mediating Representation

MCM 0901W, The Space Within

MCM 0902C, Digital Media in the Time of Ecological Crisis

MCM 0902G, Visual Cultures of Repair and Resistance

MCM 0902E, In Design: Layouts of Modern Media and Design

MCM 0902F, Post Cinema? Histories and Politics in the Digital Revolution

MCM 0902H, Cinema and Revolution

MCM 0902I, Never Work! History, theory and media of work and its refusal

MCM 0991O, Reinvention of Life

MCM 0991X, Digital Cinema and the Inhuman

MCM 0991Y, Puzzle Films

MCM 1110, Theory of Sign

MCM 1200G, Cinema and Stardom

MCM 1203F, The Aesthetics of Political Cinema

MCM 1203J, Anime Studies

MCM 1204D, Politics of Chinese Cinemas

MCM 1205A, What We Talk About When We Talk About Horror

MCM 1205R, Film-Noir and the Post-War City

MCM 1230K, Sharing

MCM 1230L, Media and Everyday Life in Japan

MCM 1500D, Contemporary Film Theory

MCM 1500O, From Classical Film Theory to Cinema Semiotics

MCM 1501I, Reading Marx

MCM 1502H, Information, Discourse, Networks

MCM 1502U, Media and Memory

MCM 1503F, Aesthetic Theory/Cultural Studies

MCM 1504C, Greek Tragedy in Politics

MCM 1504D, Sex, Difference and Relation

MCM 1504Z, Civil Disobedience

MCM 1505A, Television Realities

MCM 1505B, Hitchcock: The Theory

MCM 1505P, Channeling Race: Television and Race in America

MCM 1505S, Cinema and Imperialism

MCM 1505Z, Kiarostami: Questions of Cinema + Reality

MCM 1510O, Television, Gender, Sexuality

MCM 1700B, Approaches to Narrative

MCM 1700F, Theory for Practice/Practice as Theory

MCM 1700Z, What is Happening in Narrative

MCM 1701E, Experimental Narrative

MCM 1701J, Data Visceralization and Climate Change

MCM 2100V, Sex. What is it? Why does it matter?

MCM 2110Y, The Literary Fact and the Work of Critique

MCM 2120H, Object of (and in) Animation

MCM 2120L, Aesthetics, Politics and Medium(s) in Contemporary Film Theory

MCM 2310H, Television Realities

MCM 2310M, Politics and Literature


Theatre and Performance Studies

TAPS 1230, Performance Theory: Ritual, Play and Drama

TAPS 1280Y, Issues in Performance Studies

TAPS 1380, Mise en Scene

TAPS 1425, Queer Performance

TAPS 1630, Performativity and the Body

TAPS 2200, Subjects and Objects