Theory Courses

In addition to taking at least four creative writing workshops covering at least two genres, students are also required to take at least six reading-intensive courses, including a course in literary theory or the history of literary criticism and a breadth of literary periods.

Theory Courses offered this academic year are listed below.  

Academic Year 2017-2018  

Fall 2017

COLT 1210   Introduction to the Theory of Literature
COLT 1814T   Maghrebi Fiction and Psycoanalysis
COLT 1814U   Politics of Reading
ENGL 1560W   Getting Emotional:  Passionate Theories 
ENGL 1561D    Writing and the Ruins of Empire
ENGL 1761Q   WG Sebald and Some Interlocutors
ENGL 1900Z   Neuroaesthetics and Reading
ENGL 1950G   Reading Narrative Theory 
ENGL 2760M   Postcoloniality and Globalism
ENGL 2901G   Ultimate Dialogicality:  Thinking with Bakhtin
HMAN 1972X   Kubrick's Work
LITR 1231E   Rereading Writing
MCM 0220   Print Cultures: Textuality and the History of Books
MCM 0240   Television Studies
MCM 0902C   Digital Media in the Time of Ecological Crisis
TAPS 1280Y   Issues in Performance Studies

Spring 2018

COLT 1814W   Repetition: Kierkegaard, Nietzche and Freud

COLT 2520F   Theories of the Lyric

COLT 2650R   The New Foucault: Between Antiquity and Neoliberalism

ENGL 1190S   Poetics of Narrative

ENGL 1310H Origins of American Literature

ENGL 1511Y   Emily Dickinson and the Theory of Lyric Form

ENGL 1950H   The Recent Novel and its Cultural Rivals 

ENGL 2901H   Genres of Critique

LITR 1230E   Form and Theory of Fiction

MCM 0150   Text/Media/Culture

MCM 0902E   In Design: Layouts of Modern Media and Design

MCM 0902F   Post Cinema? Histories and Politics in the Digital Revolution

MCM 1230F   Aesthetics of Political Cinema: From Montage to Political Modernism

MCM 1503E   Aesthetic Theory/Cultural Studies

MCM 2310H   Television Realities

MCM 2310M   Politics and Literature

TAPS 1380   Mise en Scene