Applying for Honors

Questions and Answers for Applying to the Honors Program

How long should my writing sample be?
Quality will be more important than quantity; however, to give the faculty sufficient materials to judge, we recommend that you submit no less than 20 pages (or equivalent); and, when possible, at least two discrete works.

Should I arrange for an advisor before I apply?
No. The faculty members will decide upon their willingness to serve as advisor through the application review process.

Will it help if I submit a project description?
It certainly won't hurt your chances; however, you need not have a project in order to apply.

Can I apply in more than one area?
If you have taken the appropriate workshops, you may apply in more than one area. You'll need to complete 2 (or X) separate applications.

Can I apply more than once?
If you are eligible to apply, then yes.

When will I hear the outcome about my application?
You'll hear by campus mail three to four weeks after the application deadline. If you are studying abroad during the semester you apply, you'll need to provide another way for us to contact you.

So, I can apply from abroad?
Yes; but make sure you mail your application at least two weeks prior to the deadline (as we must have it in hand by the deadline).

What if I miss the deadline?
We are sticklers when it comes to the deadline. No exceptions. As there is more than a week during which the applications are accepted, aim for the beginning rather than the end of the application window.

Can you explain Cross-Disciplinary?
Cross-Disciplinary projects should cross the boundaries of genre. A project may do so in a variety of ways (it might include discrete sections of fiction, poetry and drama, for instance; or it might move from what might be construed as fiction into poetry within a sentence or line).

Does Cross-Disciplinary refer only to literary writing?
Writing should be the framework from which a project is built; but, with your advisor's approval, you may also include visual art, music, performance, theory, etc.