Waiting Lists for fall LITR courses

Upon the closure of the Registration period, the following classes will require instructor permission to gain entry (or to be placed on the wait list).

In order to seek entry, once the process is ready to start, write to the instructor via the electronic mail address provided (note: these addresses will be added in the coming days -- please wait for this information rather than contacting the instructor through the instructor's standard electronic mail address -- this is to ensure all requests are accounted for). All requests must be received by 3:30 pm Wednesday, 9 September. 

The instructor will be in contact with you to share news (if a space is available, or if you are toward the top of the wait list).

LITR 110A, Sec. 1 -- Fiction Writing I

LITR 110A, Sec. 2 -- Fiction Writing  I

LITR 110A, Sec. 3 -- Fiction Writing I

LITR 110B, Sec. 1 -- Poetry Writing I

LITR 110B,  Sec. 2 -- Poetry Writing I

LITR 110B, Sec. 3 -- Poetry Writing I

LITR 110B, Sec. 4 -- Poetry Writing I

LITR 110B, Sec. 5 -- Poetry Writing I

LITR 1200, Sec. 1 -- Writers on Writing

LITR 1200, Sec. 2 -- Writers on Writing

LITR 1230E, Sec. 1 -- Form and Theory of Fiction

LITR 1230Y Sec. 1 -- Structuring and Destructuring the Novel

LITR 1231K, Sec. 1 -- Innovations in Indian Literature