Craig Watson

Craig Watson’s books of poetry began with Drawing a Blank (Singing Horse Press, 1980), and most recently include True News (Instance, 2002) and Secret Histories, newly published by Burning Deck Press (2007).  His poems, essays and criticism have appeared in numerous journals, including AbacusAction PoetiqueChicago ReviewHamboneL=A=N=G=U=A=G=EOriginPaper AirShearsmanSulfur, and This, among many others.  He received a R.I. State Council for the Arts Fellowship in Poetry in 2004 and a MacColl Johnson Fellowship from the R.I. Foundation in 2006.  He has also been a marketing and public relations executive, a volunteer fire fighter, a visiting professor of poetry and drama at Brown University, Wheaton College and other schools, a U.S. delegate to the International Theater Congress, a small press publisher, and a husband and father to three children.


Downcity Poetry Series - Spring 2007