Geoffrey Green

Geoffrey  Green

Geoffrey Green writes fiction and literary criticism. His works include: Novel vs. Fiction; Literary Criticism and the Structures of History: Erich Auerbach and Leo Spitzer; Freud and Nabokov; The Vineland Papers: Literary Takes on Pynchon's Novel; and two recent books: Voices in a Mask (a short story cycle devoted to themes of identity and disguise in opera and drama) and the edited volume, Scholes Loves a Story: A Book for Bob. He is Executive Editor of the critical journal, Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction (Taylor and Francis). He is Professor of English at San Francisco State University. Green attended the 1969 Brown symposium while an undergraduate at Brown. He participated in the 1988 Unspeakable Practices festival, publishing excerpts of the panels in Critique.


Unspeakable Practices V: Celebrating Robert Coover, May 2012