Jackson Mac Low

Jackson Mac Low has been described as “America’s quintessential experimental artist,” composer of poems, performance pieces, dramas, radio shows, broadsides, theatrical experiments, mixed-media presentations and incidental music.  Born in Chicago in 1922, he worked off-broadway with the Prester John Company and later, in the 1950s, joined John Cage’s Living Theater, providing the music for its production of Auden’s Age of Anxiety in 1954.  MacLow was the author of more than 20 volumes of poetry, including 20 FortiesBarnesbookPieces o’SixWords nd Ends from Ez, and many others.  His work is characterized by the desire to free language from the strictures of grammar and the sentence by mean of various chance operations:  by rolling dice, shuffling index cards, or with the assistance of computer programs.  He worked as an editor and taught poetry at Brown University, Bard College, the Naropa Institute, and others.  Jackson Mac Low died from complications of a stroke in 2004.


Contemporary Writers Reading Series - Fall 1994
  • Full Reading
    [Recorded: 11/09/94 | Run time: 1:06:08]
  • Excerpt
    [Recorded: 11/09/94 | Run time: "Forties, #11 and #23"]