Maggie O'Sullivan

Maggie O’Sullivan is a British-based poet, performer, and visual artist, whose books include In the House of the Shaman (1993), Body of Work (2006), WATERFALLS (2009) and murmur, newly published by Veer Books.  Her work has also appeared extensively in journals and anthologies and she has performed internationally, often in collaboration.  She is the editor of Out of Everywhere:  An Anthology of Contemporary Linguistically Innovative Poetry by Women in North America and the UK, and collaborated with Bruce Andrews on eXcLa (1993).  She has a close association with Veer Books and the Birkbeck Contemporary Poetics Research Centre.  All Origins are Lonely (2003) was the inaugural Veer publication, and her ALTO – London Poems, 1975 – 1984 was published by Veer in 2009.Online recordings of her work may be heard at PennSound.  Her website is



VEER Providence - 6 October, 2011