Mairead Byrne

Mairead Byrne’s current publications include three poetry collections, Talk Poetry (Miami University Press 2007), SOS Poetry (Ubu Editions 2007), and Nelson & The Huruburu Bird (Wild Honey Press 2003); three chapbooks, An Educated Heart (Palm Press 2005), Vivas (Wild Honey Press 2005), and Kalends (Belladonna 2005); and two talk/essays “Some Differences Between Poetry & Standup” (UbuWeb 2005), and “Avant-Grade Pronouns,” (Avant-Post: The Avant-Garde in the Era of Post-Ideology.  Ed. Louis Armand, Prague: Litteraria Pragensia, 2006).  She is an Associate Professor of English at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. With Ian Davidson, she is the co-manager of the listserv British & Irish Poets.  Before immigrating to the United States in 1994, she was a journalist, playwright, arts centre director, and teacher in Ireland.


Contemporary Writers Reading Series - Fall 2007