Osdany Morales

Osdany  Morales

Osdany Morales (Nueva Paz, Cuba, 1981) is the author of two collections of stories, Minuciosas puertas estrechas (David Award 2006), and Antes de los aviones (2013). In 2008 he won the International Prize for Fiction Casa de Teatro in the Dominican Republic. Papyrus (Alejo Carpentier Award 2012) is his first novel. More recent works include Too Much Information, which comes out in the spring of 2015. Morales, who earned a degree in architecture in his native Cuba, also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from New York University. His stories have appeared in magazines such as El Cuentero (Cuba), El Perro (Mexico), Ragazine.CC (USA), BuenSalvaje (Peru) and Quimera (Spain). His writing has been included in anthologies about new Cuban literature, such as Maneras de narrar (2006), Los que cuentan (2008), La fiamma in boca (2009) and Malditos bastardos (2014); also in Escribir en Nueva York and Cortázar Sampleado (2014). Currently he is a Ph.D. candidate in Latin American Literature at New York University.


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