Writing Sample Process for Fall 2020 Workshops

Writing samples are due by the end of the day on Wednesday, 9 September. Class lists will be posted on Monday, 14 September.

All writing samples will be submitted electronically. From the list below, select the course(s) to which you wish to apply. You'll be asked to complete a short survey and be directed as to where to send a writing sample  [note: if a link is not up for a partiuclar section, that instructor is not yet available to consider writing samples -- we'll update this well before the deadline.]

LITR 210A, Sec. 1 -- Fiction Writing II

LITR 210A, Sec. 2 -- Fiction Writing  II

LITR 210B, Sec. 1 -- Poetry Writing II

LITR 310O, Sec. 1 -- Narrative NonFiction

LITR 310P, Sec. 1 -- Wind in the Cane; or poetry in the "black outdoors"

LITR 1010A, Sec. 2 -- Advanced Fiction

LITR 1010B, Sec. 1 -- Advanced Poetry

LITR 1010D, Sec. 1 -- Advanced Screenwriting

LITR 1110N, Sec. 1 -- Workshop for Potential Literature  

LITR 1110S, Sec. 1 -- Fiction into Film

LITR 1151G, Seec. 1 -- Everything Emily

LITR 1151T, Sec. 1 -- Poetry for Healing Territories

LITR 1151Y, Sec. 1 -- Against Genre

LITR 1152K, Sec. 1 -- The Shape of Longing

LITR 1152L, Sec. 1 -- I'm Feeling Myself/Black Female Body as its Own Utopia