Congratulations 2020 Undergraduate Degree Recipients!

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Dear Graduates!  This year has been unique to say the least.  We wish you all the best in your plans going forward.  We can't wait to celebrate with you in person!  Until them, here are a few words from the faculty of the math department.


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Congratulations to the 2020 Award Recipients

David Howell Premium for Excellence in Mathematics and Natural Philosophy

Jonghyun Lee

Albert A. Bennett Prize for Exceptional Accomplishment in Mathematics Concentration

Sylvia Nacar
Alexandra Walsh







2020 Undergraduate Degree Recipients

Galadriel A. Brady, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science

Jungho Daniel Choi, AB Mathematics/ScB Chemical Physics

Miranda J. Christ, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science (magna cum laude/honors)

Xiaoman Jerry Chu, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science

Tyler D. DeFroscia, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science (magna cum laude)

Sam Flomenhoft, AB Mathematics

Rigel C. Galgana, AB Math Economics/Applied Math-Comp. Science (magna cum laude)

David M. Halpern, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science

Rohan D. Jha, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science (magna cum laude/honors)

Solomon E. Klein, AB Mathematics/Geological Sciences

Jonghyun Lee, ScB Mathematics (magna cum laude/honors)

Owen C. Lynch, ScB Mathematics (magna cum laude/honors)

William W. Maleta, ScB Mathematics/Computer Science

Jackson F. Markey, ScB Mathematics/Computer Science (magna cum laude)

Sylvia Nacar, AB Mathematics/Classics (magna cum laude)

Emmanuel Peters, AB Mathematics/Philosophy

Caelan J. Ritter, ScB Mathematic (magna cum laude)

Vafa Behnam Roudsari, AB Mathematical Economics/Computer Science

Adam Shelby, AB Mathematics

Shoshana G. Simons, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science (magna cum laude/honors)

Srinjoy G. Srimani, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science

Andrew T. Ton, AB Mathematics/ScB Chemical Physics (magna cum laude)

Alexandra M. Walsh, AB Mathematics/French & Francophone Studies/Literary Arts

Shuangxia Sunshine Wu, AB Mathematics/Religious Studies

Nathaniel W. Zaldivar, ScB Mathematics

Luke L. Zhu, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science

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When you reflect on your time at Brown and all that you've accomplished, we also hope you will remember the friends and memories you made along the way...

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"Life is a math equation. In order to gain the most, you have to know how to convert negatives into positives." -Anonymous