Congratulations 2021 Degree Recipients!

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Dear Graduates!  This year has been unique to say the least.  We wish you all the best in your plans going forward.  Here are some remarks from our faculty to you!








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Congratulations to the 2021 Award Recipients

David Howell Premium for Excellence in Mathematics and Natural Philosophy

Matei Coiculescu
Alexander Bauman

Albert A. Bennett Prize for Exceptional Accomplishment in Mathematics Concentration

Henry Talbott
Jae Young Kim

Mathematics Department Outstanding Teaching Award

Milen Ivanov
Alexander McDonough







2021 Undergraduate Degree Recipients

Jean Allen, ScB Geology-Physics/Mathematics

Alexander D. Bauman, ScB Mathematics (honors)

David W. Cabatingan, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science

John Paul Champa, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science/Economics

Matei P. Coiculescu, ScB Mathematics (honors)

Kendrick C. Cole, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science

Aryaman Dutta, ScB Mathematics/Applied Mathematics

Eli J. Fonseca, ScB Mathematics

Shivam J. Gandhi, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science

Ethan I. Greenberg, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science

Jae Young Kim, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science

Elliot A. Lehrer, ScB Mathematics/Physics & Philosophy

Romina Maria Lizier Belmont, AB Mathematics/History of Art & Architecture

Shubham Makharia, ScB Mathematics

Noah Milbourne, ScB/ScM Mathematics/Applied Mathematics

Michael D. Nisenzon, ScB Mathematics

Kwon Sok Oh, AB/ScB Mathematics/Economics

Junewoo Park, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science

Petar A. Peshev, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science

Noah P. Rubin, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science

Allison T. Saltz, ScB Geology-Physics/Mathematics

Dylan J. Sam, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science honors)

Shamay G. Samuel, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science/Applied Mathematics                  

Nursultan Suleimenov, ScB Mathematics-Computer Science

Henry W. Talbott, ScB Mathematics (magna/honors)

Adam A. Tropper, ScB Mathematics/Physics

Justin A. Voelker, ScB Mathematics/Physics

Christopher C. Wolfram, AB Mathematics

Jiachen Xue, ScB Mathematics

Nathan A. Zelesko, ScB Mathematics (honors)

Anna D. Zuckerman, ScB Geology-Physics/Mathematics/Physics

Leah D. Zuckerman, ScB Geology-Physics/Mathematics/Physics









































2021 Master's Degree Recipients

John Ahn

Alina Al Beaini

Veronica Arena

Siddarth Kannan

Zhenghao Rao

Mark Sweeney

Yeqiu Wang

Jiagua Zou








2021 Ph.D. Degree Recipients

Milen Ivanov

Zhimeng Ouyang

Ang Li (conferred 2/2021)

Peihong Jiang

Alexander McDonough
















"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas." -Albert Einstein