Ability V: Lifelong Learning

The competent graduate understands the need to continually expand and enhance one’s knowledge and abilities to best serve patients.  The graduate is intellectually inquisitive and competent.  The graduate seeks out and evaluates information from the full spectrum of resources continually updating one’s knowledge of best practice guidelines.

Criteria for Assessment

1. Recognizes personal limits in knowledge and experience

-Initiates steps to rectify gaps in knowledge
-Researches, reviews and extracts data from multiple sources
-Confers with knowledgeable colleagues, advisors or experts

2. Applies acquired knowledge

-Properly references factual information
-Presents acquired knowledge to colleagues during rounds and  presentations
-Evaluates change in academic or professional environment and develops adaptive strategies to meet these changes

3. Explores new opportunities for intellectual growth and professional development which may include:

-Reading and interpreting relevant literature
-Attending conferences
-Participating in scholarly projects
-Presenting original work to colleagues and peers

          4. Continually updates knowledge of best practice guidelines

5. Recognizes personal strengths and limitations relevant to his/her practice of medicine

-Identifies personal learning style
-Identifies areas of strength and areas of weakness
-Acknowledges the limits in one’s knowledge and expertise
-Sets learning and improvement goals
-Responds appropriately to feedback
-Incorporates into practice both summative and formative feedback