Ability VI: Professionalism

The competent graduate displays a deep and ongoing commitment to the care of patients while ably attending to professional and personal responsibilities

1. Demonstrates respect for others at all times

2. Commits to carrying out professional responsibilities and adhering to ethical principles

-Demonstrates compassion and integrity
-Demonstrates sensitivity and responsiveness to a diverse patient population including diversity in gender, race, age, sexual orientation and religion

3. Identifies and addresses problems including emotional, personal and health related that might affect a student’s health, well-being or professional capabilities

-Delineates options to address the problem
-Pursues the assistance of others qualified to help

4. Recognizes and states personal values and beliefs relevant to the practice of medicine

-Determines priorities in professional or academic activities
-States and explains personal views on controversial topics in medicine

5. Demonstrates:

Honor and integrity

-Maintains patient confidentiality at all times
-Maintains appropriate relationship with patients



-Engages in lifelong learning and professional development


Is accessible to patients to ensure timely access to care