Powerpoint Presentation Template

A basic template has been developed for PowerPoint presentations.

A Microsoft PowerPoint template for this presentation format is available for downloading.

The presentation uses a blue/grey background that is made up of the following RGB formula. R: 79 G: 111 B:146.

On the title slide the reversed version of the logo is placed at the top of the page and scaled to 4.5" wide. A left margin of 1.5" is used on the entire document. All text is to be set fl ush left to this margin.

On all subsequent slides a white line separates the title of the slide from the body of the slide. The school logo moves to the bottom of the page and is sized to 2" wide.

The preferred typeface is Times New Roman for all text including use in charts. Please note that the size of the type may vary according to the amount of text needed on a slide.