Safety Area and Stacked Logo

When using the logo, allow it to "breathe" and have maximum impact by preserving a minimum clear space zone around it. The minimum clear space is equal to twice the height of the word BROWN, as illustrated.

Maintaining the clear space zone between the logo and other graphic elements such as type, images, other logos, and the edge of pages, helps to ensure that the logo retains a strong presence wherever it appears. Where possible, allow even more space around the logo.

A stacked version of the logo is available for use only in special cases where the primary logo does not fi t well, for example, on some souvenir items (see p.9). The clear space zone for this alternate logo is also twice the height of the letters in BROWN.

Digital artwork of the stacked logo is available in various fi le formats from the Offi ce of Biomedical Advancement Communications at (401) 863-6226.