Formats for basic stationery items have been designed. They are similar to the standard University formats. Stationery supplies—from letterheads to business cards to memo pads— should be ordered from Graphic Services. This can be done on-line or by telephone at (401) 863-2258. You will receive a proof of each item that you order, and Graphic Services will proceed with printing only after obtaining your approval.

Letterheads may have an individual’s name and title, or simply the name of the department. At right is an example of the recommended typing format, with the text aligned at the left with the “B” in BROWN and the address line at the bottom.

The recommended paper for all medical school stationery is a bright white 100% recycled content paper available through Graphic Services. Contact Graphic Services to discuss other white paper options for special situations such as large mailings.

A smaller size letterhead (Monarch), normally used for brief or more personal correspondence, is also available, as is personalized notepaper.