CFAR Clinical Research Database (CCRD)

CFAR Clinical Research Database (CCRD) – The Miriam Hospital Immunology Center

The CFAR Clinical Research Database (CCRD) contains social and clinical information on The Miriam Hospital Immunology Center patients (ICDB).  An Annual Clinical Data Report is created each April and includes a summary of the most frequently requested data items. In addition, it provides general information that can be used in grant applications and presentations where summaries of the Immunology Center population are necessary (see current report below).

PDF iconICDB_Annual_Report_2020.pdf


Requests for information not included in the annual report can be provided by completion of an on-line Data Request Form or Cohort Access Form (see links below). All individuals requesting access must comply with all Data Release Policies including obtaining IRB approval from Lifespan prior to completing the on-line Data Request or Cohort Access Form.  If applicant is not a member of the Miriam Immunology Center, than the applicant must identify a member who can help facilitate the request and obtain the required IRB approval from Lifespan. Once the data request form is submitted, it will be forwarded to the Data Release Authorization Committee (DRAC) for approval and prioritization. If approved, the request is forwarded to the Informatics Data Specialist for processing. It is anticipated that each request will take no more than 3 weeks from the date of receipt to be processed. All publications which utilize the CCRD data must acknowledge the Providence/Boston CFAR Clinical Research Database as the data source (Providence/Boston CFAR-NIH Grant #P30AI042853)

Database Access Request form

To be used when one is requesting access to the Miriam Immunology Center DataBase (ICDB) to obtain feasibility data for potential research studies.

ICDB Request Form

Cohort Access Request form

To be used when one is requesting permission to enroll research participants through the Miriam Immunology Center.

Miriam Immunology Center Research Request Form