CFAR Developmental Grants

Those interested in submitting a proposal for the Fall 2020 announcement must submit a Letter of Intent no later than a 5:00pm EST on Monday, August 3, 2020. Please utilize the following link to submit your LOI for consideration.

The CFAR Research Development Fund provides support for three types of projects - Initial AIDS Research Projects, Pilot Projects and Collaborative Projects.  Please note, the CFAR is unable to fund Clinical Trials.

  1. Initial AIDS Research Projects: Basic or clinical investigators new to the AIDS Research field who do not have previous AIDS-related NIH research support. The major goal is to provide support for junior investigators to carry out mentored research which will provide the background for the application for NIH RO1 HIV/AIDS funding. Eligible applicants include those who have not yet received R01 type funding from NIH in the HIV/AIDS field.
  2. Pilot Projects: In exceptional instances awards may be made for Pilot Projects for individuals with current NIH support in another field, who would like to apply for initial support for research in the HIV/AIDS field. Eligible applicants include those who may have received R01 type funding from NIH, but not in the HIV/AIDS field (new to HIV research).
  3. Collaborative Projects: Awards may also be requested for Collaborative Projects involving two established investigators, with the primary Principal Investigator being an individual with no previous work in the HIV/AIDS field (e.g., joint research involving a retrovirologist and a structural engineer). 

Other AIDS research projects that do not fall within above guidelines may be considered on a case-by-case basis, by the Developmental Core Directors, provided that such proposed projects are developmental in nature and have the potential for future NIH funding.  Eligible applicants must include at least one HIV investigator; collaborators must not have or had previous NIH R01 type funding together.

Developmental funding is not intended to supplement an ongoing NIH-funded project but rather stimulate new research topics and inter-disciplinary collaborations. All grants have a primary goal of providing support to the PI to obtain preliminary information necessary to successfully apply for R01 or other grant funding from NIH or other outside sources.