Developmental Core

The Developmental Core activities focus on junior investigators, supporting them in their transition to independence and helping them to become more competitive for NIH R-award funding. We also expand opportunities for HIV research by bringing established, senior researchers with relevant skills into the field of HIV/AIDS research. Core B further helps senior faculty become better mentors, and facilitates dialogue and collaboration more broadly among CFAR investigators from different scientific disciplines.

Activities include:

  1. Foster career development by funding developmental awards, international development awards, and CFAR summer student intern awards.  As funding becomes available, CFAR supplemental awards will also be awarded.
  2. Provide comprehensive mentoring to CFAR members and facilitate pre and post-award mentoring for award recipients, and provide opportunities for junior faculty to receive feedback on grant proposals, including special efforts to increase the number of funded K-awards through the K Award Mentoring Workshop.
  3. Implement mentoring training for more senior CFAR investigators through the Mentor-the-Mentor Workshops.